*UPDATE: All 50 gift cards have now been claimed! Thank you to all those who participated in the “I Heart Downtown” promotion. We encourage you to continue using this website to support your favorite local downtown businesses by purchasing gift cards!*

What is this?
The Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is giving away 50 gift cards to downtown shoppers through a new gift card matching program that launches June 15 to incentivize downtown shopping and emphasize the importance of supporting local business. To enter, participants must purchase a gift card from and submit proof of purchase dated after June 22. For the first 50 gift cards receipts submitted, the Downtown Improvement Board will match up to $25 in value for each purchase. Participants will be limited to one free gift card per person.


How does this work?

  1. Shop online for a downtown gift card at after June 22.
  2. Submit copy of your receipt through our online entry form at
  3. The DIB will purchase a gift card from the same business and match your purchase up to ($25) for the first 50 gift cards that are purchased. The DIB will then send you an e-gift card via email.
How do I receive my gift card?
Once you complete your purchase, you’ll immediately receive a receipt/proof of purchase, including where you bought gift cards from and the value of those cards. Make sure that you save your receipt. From there, the individual businesses will process your gift card. Some businesses will physically mail a gift card to your shipping address, some will email you a digital gift card, while others will accept your receipt as a gift certificate once they reopen. The instructions for redemption will be in each gift card’s product description, so please read carefully. If you have any questions, you may email us at, although we recommend contacting the business directly once you’ve made your purchase.

When can I redeem my gift card?
This depends on the business. Please note that some businesses may close (temporarily or permanently) after having been included in this promotion. Additionally, some businesses are setup to only accept gift cards after they reopen in person. We recommend calling or emailing the individual business if you have any questions about redemption. Also, please note: these gift cards are for the businesses themselves, and typically can not be used on mobile ordering apps like UberEats, Door Dash, or Postmates.


My favorite business isn’t listed, can I still buy a gift card from them?

We’ve tried to include as many downtown businesses here as possible, but some businesses aren’t currently set up to offer online gift cards. If you’re interested in purchasing a gift card from a specific business that isn’t listed, we recommend reaching out directly to them. 



If I buy a gift card from a business over the phone or in-store, am I still eligible to take part in this promotion?

Yes! As long as your receipt submission is one of the first 50 we receive, you are eligible to take part in this promotion and receive a free gift card upt to $25 in value from the same business you purchased your gift card from.

I’m a business owner in Downtown Pensacola. Can I be added to the site?
Yes. Please reach out to us at More questions or suggestions? Reach out to us at